The Biafrans are united in their quest for Freedom through the exercise of their right to self-determination but divided into two groups regarding the type of Freedom they want. One group wants to have Freedom within Nigeria just as Scotland within the UK while the other group wants Freedom outside Nigeria.

The truth is that the Biafrans must be properly organized as a people to seek for whatever type of freedom they want. MOBIN has come to harmonize the diverse opinions by engaging all Biafran intellectuals in robust debates in free and fair atmosphere where nobody will be insulted or abused for holding a contrary opinion. The Biafran Movement has entered into the hands of intellectuals and elder statesmen. MOBIN is gathering together the Biafra Intelligentsia to take the Biafra Struggle to the final level. At the moment, Biafra has been restored as a people but without a delineated territory yet

MOVEMENT OF BIAFRANS IN NIGERIA (MOBIN), the first political and civil rights movement of the Biafrans in Nigeria.


MOBIN is a human rights political movement of the Biafrans
anchored on Freedom of Speech where everybody can express his political opinion without being tagged a saboteur.