In 2017, Anambra State was preparing for an election, and Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) had just been established.

As the political arm of the Biafran Project, MOBIN’s mandate was, and still is to mobilize Biafrans to join politics and be part of legislations, diplomacy, and political decisions regarding Biafrans and the Biafran territory.

Armed with the message of politics, MOBIN Directors began to tour Anambra State, telling them to vote and be voted for. This was no mean task, as another Biafran group was also busy asking Anambra people not to participate in political activity.

‘We held town hall meetings, rallies and talks day in day out in Anambra”, Rita Anigbogu who is the Director General recalls.

MOBIN attended one of its town hall meetings where the gains of politicking was robustly discussed.


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