On May 30th, 2017, Biafrans all over the world celebrated the Biafra Heroes and Heroines Day.

In Enugu, the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) held a freedom lecture at the former MOBIN headquarters in the city.

Here, just before the lectures began, reporters from France 24 who were covering the event met with the Director General of MOBIN, Comrade Rita Anigbogu on the streets and conducts an interview.

Anigbogu, along with Dr Jerry Chukwuokolo, responded to the questions from the reporter.

Parts of the report were later published by France 24, and can be accessed on this link- https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.france24.com/en/20170601-across-africa-townships-ennerdale-dulcie-september-separatist-movement-biafra-mick-elysee-c
(Strangely, the video report is missing on the website)


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