*Biafra Activists should realize this and take advantage

The Director General of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN), Comrade Rita Anigbogu has called on all Biafrans to ‘see the signs’ in the environment and reslind to it by voting in a wholly pro-Biafran government in all the Biafran states of Nigeria.

Anigbogu, while fielding questions from MOBIN MEDIA reporters in Enugu, said Nigeria is currently distsbilized politically, and as such, Biafrans must take advantage of this and elect themselves into power, taking total control of Biafraland in the process.

She also said that a complete control of Political power in the whole region will drive the force of Biafra actualizarion faster than anything that ever happened in the zone.

Her words: “Nigeria is very confused right now. We have a very weak federal government, with its officials all struggling for personal benefits. The national party that controls the federal government is also riddled with the political bullets it has been shooting at itself. Corruption is at its peak, and even state governors and governments are confused about what’s happening in Aso Rock. All that the elected governments have now is official power, and there is no single, true support of the populace. Biafraland is very ripe for political hijack of power, at the level governors, Federal and state lawmakers, local government chairmen and councillors.

“Now is our time to penetrate and take over. I am calling on Biafrans within and outside Biafra, within and outside Nigeria, and all over the world to invest heavily now in politics. If we win political offices in our zone, that’s the fastest way to make legislations and manifest Biafra, through the legal, human rights and political methodology.

“All is now set. Nigeria has never been so vulnerable, and we must take advantage and pounce now”, Anigbogu stated.


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