The political wing of the Biafran struggle, Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) has announced plans to begin the re-inauguration and re-orientation of its chapters across the 21 local government areas in Anambra State.

MOBIN said the move is in line with its plans to educate, persuade and get Biafrans to run for political offices, win elections, and take charge of the Biafran territory politically.

Speaking to MOBIN MEDIA over the weekend, Director General of the political organization, Comrade Rita Anigbogu said that MOBIN’s mandate in Anambra State is to alert Biafrans of the dangers of having non-Biafrans in power, educate them on the importance of partisan politics, persuade them to join politics, mobilize the teeming millions, and ensure that they win in the elections.

She argued that with the growing growing lack of responsible leadership in Nigeria, it has become imperative for the different nationalities to take their destinies into their own hands and chart their future themselves.

She also said “We are not INAUGURATING, we are RE-INAUGURATING our MOBIN chapters in all the local governments and political wards in Anambra state.  We know what MOBIN stands for, you know our vision and mission. 

“We are Biafra politicians and we are not joking when we say that Biafra activists will take over the political space of Biafra land.

“We were in Anambra 2017 and we are getting ready for Anambra 2021. We are re inaugurating to start reinforcing our structures in all the local governments areas and wards in Anambra state, starting with Dunukofia Local Government Area.

“We want to gather the Biafrans especially those who believe that although they are Biafra indigenes, they are also Nigeria citizens. Those who say that as long as they are still in Nigeria that they will participate in everything happening in Nigeria till Biafra eventually regain its lost sovereignty after the 1969-70 war.

“We are different, we are reinaugurating to start getting our PVC together. Our PVC is our own AK47 and we will use it to decide who will go for us as long as the politics of Anambra is concerned. At the expiration of the reinauguration, we can authoritatively tell you how many MOBIN members that we have in Anambra state and whether we can drive home our insistence of deciding who goes to Agu Awka as the governor and those who will be in the house of Assembly”, Anigbogu declared.


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