The Legal Adviser for the Supreme Council of Elders of the Indigenous People of Biafra, founder and chairman of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria, Barrister Emeka Emekesiri has charged Biafrans at home and in the diaspora to join Nigerian politics, and to take over political control of the Biafra Indigenous region.

Emekesiri said this in his Inaugural Speech at the Reinauguration Ceremony of Dunukofia Local Government Area on Saturday, 8th August 2020.

Addressing Biafrans while being represented by Rita Anigbogu, MOBIN DG, in the speech titled “BIAFRANS TO TAKE OVER POWER AND OCCUPY ANAMBRA STATE HOUSE IN 2021“, he said:

“The Biafrans are the people colonised and oppressed in their own land. We are oppressed by the politicians ruling over us. They are imposed upon us by our opponents to whom they render accounts as their godfathers in the Nigerian politics.

“MOBIN is facing some challenges posed by some Biafran activists who are opposed to the Nigerian law and politics. One group is still preaching that the Biafrans should boycott the elections so that the UN would conduct a referendum and declare the Biafra Independence while another is preaching that Biafrans should not participate in the Nigerian politics because the Nigerian Constitution is fraudulent. We think that they are confused.

“Although MOBIN accepts that the Nigerian Constitution is fraudulent, we know the rule of law that every law or order of the Court remains valid until repealed or set aside. The fraudulent Nigerian Constitution remains valid until set aside. If we boycott the election, President Buhari can exercise his powers of emergency rule under the same fraudulent Constitution and impose a Military Administrator on Anambra State. We must not allow any part of Biafraland to be put under the Military Rule.

“The challenges have made MOBIN to increase the tempo of its works in both national and international arena. We have established the MOBIN MEDIA and set up online broadcasts every week to disseminate information and create political awareness. There is much work to be done. We have come today to empower the Dunukofia Chapter of MOBIN with knowledge and political wisdom to install a Biafran activist as the Governor of Anambra State in 2021. We shall strengthen the MOBIN structures in all the 21 Local Government Areas of Anambra State starting with Dunukofia and ensure that a Biafran takes over the State House in 2021.

“As far as the Biafran Independence is concerned, the eyes of the world are now upon MOBIN because they know that politics is the answer. MOBIN believes that the Biafrans must secure and control their political territory first and have the balance of power to negotiate with the Federal Government of Nigeria. Some call it Restructuring but we call it Devolution of Power to the Regions. Under the Nigerian law, the members of the Parliament represent their people and whatever they pass into law becomes binding.

“MOBIN wants to start by creating Biafra within Nigeria just like Scotland within Britain. This is the next stage before outright independence. It is our Regional Parliament that will pass the Bill of Referendum into law for the Biafrans to vote and decide whether they want outright independence or to remain as a self-governing region in Nigeria. Our roadmap is very clear and not false propaganda!”, Emekesiri affirmed.


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