By Amaka Ani, Dunukofia Anambra State

The Dunukofia Local Government Area chapter of MOBIN played host to the Directors of the organisation on Saturday, 8th August, when the chapter was reinaugurated for political activities.

With this, Dunukofia becomes the first chapter to receive the Directors, who were led by Comrade Rita Anigbogu, the MOBIN Director General.

Speaking at the ceremony, which saw the local government chapter executive being sworn in, the chairman of MOBIN, Barr Emeka Emekesiri noted that although the struggle for Biafra freedom has been on, Biafrans have always taken a wrong approach to it, hence the reason their goals have always seemed evasive. He said MOBIN has come to chart the way forward, via politics.

He spoke through Comrade Anigbogu, who represented him:

Hear him “The Biafran struggle for self-determination started many years ago but the pioneers made some mistakes when they said that they were not Nigerians and would not participate in the Nigerian law, politics, and census. They did not understand the difference between nationality or citizenship and indigenous identity of the people living in the country. Thus, in 2006, the pioneers of the struggle stopped the Biafrans from being enumerated in the national census which resulted in the South East region becoming the minority region in the Nigerian demographic record today.

“It was observed that the pioneers were often in confrontation with the Nigerian Authorities, the police and the army, leading to loss of many lives. While the Biafran agitators were vehemently opposed to participation in the Nigerian politics and abhorred everything called “Nigerian”, the Nigerian Authorities also vehemently opposed and abhorred everything called “Biafran” as though it was a crime to be called a Biafran. Obviously, both sides were in error. They lacked knowledge that a person does not lose his indigenous identity by becoming a citizen of the sovereign country where he lives.

“We have noted that although many Biafrans are well educated in arts, science and technology, many still lack political education and awareness. MOBIN has come to open the eyes of the political illiterates in our land who are deceived by false propagandists and charlatans running Biafra Business empires for their selfish aggrandisements. We have come to bring peace and stability in the society. We have come to educate the masses, both Biafrans and Nigerians. The Biafrans are Nigerians by citizenship until they gain independence from Nigeria just as the Scottish people are British by citizenship but now struggling for independence from Britain. Therefore, we have the right to participate in the Nigerian affairs as Nigerian citizens.

“The vision and mission of MOBIN are very clear. MOBIN is leading the Biafrans to self-determination by the rule of law and political diplomacy starting with REGIONAL AUTONOMY. We want the country to be restructured into Regional Governments so that every region will govern itself and develop at its own pace, control its resources, provide security to its territory and pay an agreed percentage tax to the Federal Government”, the Barrister elucidated in the speech.


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