The Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) has appealed to youths to end the wanton destruction of property and brigandage ongoing in the country, especially Biafrans.

MOBIN in its release noted that Nigerians and Biafrans alike must channel their energies towards meaningful engagements with the authorities of government, instead of subjecting the entire population to chaos.

MOBIN also regretted the numerous killings that have been witnessed by citizens in the hands of security operatives, especially the ones perpetrated by SARS policemen.

It condemned the killing of protesters in Lagos, but added that unless restraint is exercised, Biafrans and Nigerians will soon begin to turn against each other, without really harmjng the political class who were responsible for the suffering in the country.

It again appealed to the youths to listen to the voice of reason, leave the streets, and get ready to engage the authorities, using legal and diplomatic methods.

“Our voices have been heard loud and clear. At no time have we ever come out united like this in the history of Nigeria or Biafra. But let’s not completely destroy whta we have built ourselves. What we are destroying were built by individuals, through sweat and hard work.

We have presented the Restructuring documents to the National Assembly, and they must attend to it.
It is the Biafran Ideology. Restructure Nigeria now to Regional Autonomy. Every Region to govern itself and develop at its own pace. Every Region to have its own Police.
We have told them that we must restructure and save Nigeria now otherwise Nigeria will disintegrate into oblivion.


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