The Director General of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria, Madam Rita Anigbogu has appealed to youths across Baifra to sheathe their swords and tow the path of peace.

Speaking to MOBIN MEDIA in a telephone interview, Anigbogu advised the youths to be cautious, and apply wisdom while making demand for better living conditions.

She said its unfortunate that thosw who should be the parents of these youths, instead of heeding to their demands, chose instead to mow them down with guns, and stated that despite the unfortunate incidents, things will never be the same again.

Hear her ” Apply wisdom, caution. He who fights and run away will live to fight another day. The youths have made their points, their demands. They have achieved remarkable success. Their fathers have turned their enemies slaughtering them like chickens.

“This is time for them to withdraw and go back to the drawing board.

“I am sure that this destruction was not in their plans when they started the protest. To me this destruction of properties is a kind of distraction. I don’t and will never support the wanton destruction of properties because the end will be disastrous majorly for the poor masses. Banks are destroyed, who will suffer from such destruction, politicians who have personal banks in their living rooms or the poor masses who may not be able to make withdrawals from the banks?

“The burnt police stations, who will suffer from the none availability of stations and police personnel? The rich politicians who have the armed policemen at their beck and call or the poor masses?

“It’s time for the youths to wait and see the outcome of their demands. The Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria is also calling on all youths to get their PVCs and be part of the next elections.

“These people must be voted out, and its in your hands to do”, she stated.


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