The Director of Political Education and Governance, Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN), Dr. (Evang) Joseph Agbo has called on Biafran youths to mobilize their votes against politicians whose only interest is to embezzle funds and keep the people in penury.

Agbo, in a letter he wrote to MOBIN MEDIA in the spirit of #EndSARS struggle said the time has come for Biafran youths to separate whole grains from chaff and elect only pro-Biafrans into political offices.

He said this has been the message MOBIN has been preaching, for Biafrans to take over the political space of our land and through legislation, diplomacy and legitimate struggle, fast-track the rebirth of Biafra.

His words: “What the protests have shown is that the youths have the power to determine their destinies, for if they withdraw their support from these corrupt politicians, their reign would end. Strong, godly and skillful David will always overthrow wicked, old and corrupt Goliath, even though the latter is 13feet 4inches tall!

“Where there is a will, there will always be a way! Biafran youths arise!

“Biafran youths can see that what MOBIN has been preaching is possible; If only they can come out enmasse, they can put core Biafrans in political authority all over Biafraland and, in the process, retire all these dealers masquerading as leaders – who have stolen us dry.

“I advise Biafran youths to be part of the #EndSARS Protest as Nigerian youths so that there would be no attempt by wicked forces within the Nigerian State to isolate them for attack. However, Biafran youths should not only refuse to be part of the destruction and looting of private and public propervy, but should actually work hard to prevent or stop anyone attempting to do it”, Agbo stated.


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