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MOBIN Chairman Barr Emeka Emekesiri addresses World Igbo Congress


  1. Introduction:

(1) I express my gratitude to the Leadership of the World Igbo Congress for this invitation to speak at the 3rd Quarter Board / HOD Meeting today. My name is Emeka John Chigozie Emekesiri, from Okwara Unegbu Village, Amucha, Njaba Local Government Area, in the Orlu Senatorial District, Imo State. By training and qualifications, I am a barrister & solicitor, pastor, estate surveyor & valuer and management consultant.

(2) In the struggle for self-determination of the Biafran people, I am the founder, originator and vision bearer of the movement of Indigenous People of Biafra established by the authority of the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of the late Igbo icons: His Royal Majesty, His Lordship, the Honourable Justice Eze Ozobu OFR; Dr Dozie Ikedife OON; Brig Gen Joe Achuzia; and Chief Barr Debe Odumegwu Ojukwu. Although these founding fathers have joined our ancestors, the struggle for self-determination continues on the same foundation they laid. Today, I will speak on what the Igbo people want and how they can achieve what they want.

  1. What the Igbo People Want and How to Achieve it:

(1) The Igbo people are known to be very friendly and hardworking believing in fairness, equity and justice. They believe in the concept of reward for hardwork and not reward for laziness. In the traditional Igbo society, we had no beggar and it was a shameful thing to be a beggar. The Igbo people are daring and adventurous, taking risks to succeed where others fail.

(2) They love themselves and also love strangers even more than they love their own brothers. Anywhere they settle down in this world, they make the place to look like their own home. They contribute in the development of their places of habitation in all parts of the world.

(3) They know that the Government in Nigeria has failed them at all levels and therefore they do not rely or depend on the Government but on their individual and community efforts. However, some of us have observed that the individualistic tendency is getting to an unacceptable extremism contrary to the Igbo Philosophy of “Igwe Bu Ike”, “Ike Otu Onye Adighi Ire”; “Anyukoo Mamiri Onu, Ogbaa Ufufu”. These are Igbo Philosophies that preach the power of unity and synergy of teamwork. This is the strength we are lacking now and which we must regain in order to succeed as a nation not as individuals.

  1. Putting our House in Order by Effective Leadership and Followership in the Igbo Nation:

(1) The psyche of the Igbo society was destroyed after the war between Biafra and Nigeria. Before the war, there was orderliness and effective governance in the whole Igbo nation by the Elders of the land right from the Family Head to the Community Head. If you brought a large sum of money home without a visible source of income, the Family Head or Elders of the Village would invite you to explain how you made the money. If your source or sources of wealth and riches were questionable, they would ostracise you from the Village Meeting. They believed that good name was better than silver and gold. Their philosophy was “Ezi Afa Ka Ego”. The youths who misbehaved were brought to the Village Square and flogged as a deterrent to others.

(2) There was a strong foundation of godliness, morality, honesty, integrity, fear and respect for elders and constituted authorities in the land. Thus, there was orderliness anchored on effective leadership and followership in the Igbo Nation. The Igbo Union was the powerbase of the Igbo Nation where decisions were made in the interest of the entire Igbo people in Nigeria. Today, the youths of the present generation have lost their bearing. They have decided to wander in the wilderness like sheep without a shepherd even though the old shepherds from the old generation are still alive and willing to guide the youths to the Promised Land. Unfortunately, most of the youths of today have become unteachable and incorrigible.

(3) The major problem in the Igbo Nation now is the spirit of rebellion among the youths. In fact, almost all Igbo organizations have split into many factions because of insubordination and rebellion. I have a bitter experience on this issue. When I came into the Biafra Struggle, the first thing I did was to create an Organization under the Elders of the Land so that all the Biafran activists would be properly guided and protected. This was why I created the body known as INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA to represent all the remnants of the Biafrans not consumed in the war which Dr Dozie Ikedife abbreviated to IPOB in 2013.

(4) Even though I created the movement, I did not make myself the Leader but only described myself as the Solicitor for Indigenous People of Biafra because I was the person who filed the case between Biafra and Nigeria. The Honourable Justice Eze Ozobu was the Leader. Dr Ikedife was the Deputy Leader. Col Achuzia was the Secretary-General. In short, the Elders were in charge and the youths were obedient to their Elders. It was a glorious movement respected by the Nigerian Authorities.

(5) Unfortunately, the person we put in our Media Department, who came from MASSOB and joined us, introduced the spirit of rebellion and insubordination in the Movement. He announced on the Radio that he had dissolved the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra and had become the leader and founder of Indigenous People of Biafra. He accused our Elders of being traitors and saboteurs. The Elders ostracised him and he created his own faction of Indigenous People of Biafra and registered it in the Company House in London as Indigenous People of Biafra Ltd. The same spirit of rebellion followed him and after some years, some of his followers also broke away and created their own faction. Now, there are many factions of IPOB.

(6) The rebellious children did not stop there. They wanted to do the same thing to Ohanaeze Ndigbo. They applied to the Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja and registered Ohanaeze Ndigbo General Assembly as a corporate organization. They announced that the original Ohanaeze Ndigbo is not registered. They described the original Ohanaeze Ndigbo as “Ohanaeze Ndioshi”. Unfortunately for them, they thought that the Nigerian Law is like the British Law. Their coup against Ohanaeze Ndigbo failed and their certificate was withdrawn by the Corporate Affairs Commission.

(7) They did not know that Customary Law is part of the Nigerian Legal System and Customary Institutions are not registered. In fact, the major characteristic of customary law is that it is unwritten. Ohanaeze Ndigbo is a customary institution that does not exist on a piece of paper called Certificate of Registration. The Federal Government of Nigeria and the International Community know this and respect the Leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. It is a customary institution that remains valid even if Nigeria disintegrates just like the Nzuko Umunna of my village. I will not be surprised that one of these rebellious children may someday go to the Company House and register Nzuko Umunna Ltd and obtain a certificate of registration!

(8) For the Igbo Nation to move forward and achieve its goals, we must have effective leadership and followership. This is why we have made it clear that Ohanaeze Ndigbo is the APEX Igbo Organization. Every other Igbo organization must become an affiliate to Ohanaeze Ndigbo. The membership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo is automatic by birth just like the membership of the Nzuko Umunna of my village. You do not need registration to become a member of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

(9) Without disciplinary measures, there will be no effective leadership and followership. The rebellious children are emboldened by the lack of controls and punishments in the Igbo National Politics. They may think that nothing can be done to them. They may have riches and wealth and connections in high places but a pronouncement of ostracism by the Leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo against them will certainly subject their names to generational shame and opprobrium. I therefore advise the Leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo to pronounce ostracism against the rebellious coup plotters as a deterrent to others. There must be discipline and orderliness in the Igbo Nation otherwise we shall not achieve our goal.

  1. The Goal of the Igbo Nation:

(1) The Igbo Nation believes in the concept of “Egbe Bere Ugo Bere” (Let the Eagle perch and let the Hawk also perch). We believe that the world is large enough to accommodate everybody. In the same way, we believe that Nigeria is large enough to accommodate everybody but if we are not accepted and accorded the same rights and privileges as given to other people, we shall leave Nigeria based on our philosophy that “Onye ajuru aju anaghi aju onwe ya” (He that is rejected does not reject himself). Therefore, the Igbo Nation held the Mkpoko Igbo Conference in 1994 and drew a roadmap to restructure Nigeria and emancipate all the people of Nigeria from the institutionalised injustice and neo-colonialism entrenched in the Nigerian polity. The Conference was held in preparation for the Sani Abacha Constitutional Conference scheduled for the following year 1995.

(2) During the Conference, the Igbo Intelligentsia made a constructive critique of the Aburi Accord and why it failed. I am aware that many people have blamed General Yakubu Gowon for the failure to implement the Aburi Accord. Yes, the buck stopped at his desk. He was ultimately responsible for the violation of the Aburi Accord but many people who are crying today joined in the betrayal and subversion of the will of the people expressed in the Aburi Accord.

(3) Mr Ken Saro-Wiwa, in his book, “On a Darkling Plain”, Pages 61 – 62, said as follows: “When news came that general agreement had been reached at a cordial meeting in Aburi, there was general elation. Ojukwu returned and spoke in glowing terms of Aburi. He had virtually achieved his confederal aims; if the decisions of Aburi were implemented, there was little doubt that peace would return to Nigeria. The generality of Ibos were cock-a-hoop about Aburi- it was inconceivable that an Ibo would go to bargain with Hausa and fail to win. The non-Ibos, on the other hand, were dismayed: it looked as though the nation had sold them to the Ibos. In Rivers circles particularly, there was great agitation. Some showed their dismay openly”.

(4) The Aburi Accord was signed on 5th January 1967. According to Mr Ken Saro-Wiwa, the non-Ibos were not happy with the Aburi Accord which created a confederation of regional governments. In the book, he told the story of how he took some of the chiefs in the riverine area and went to Lagos and defected to the Nigerian side and told General Gowon that the non-Ibos in Eastern Nigeria did not want to be joined with the Ibos in the same region and did not want Biafra.

(5) Consequently, General Gowon violated the Aburi Accord and divided the Eastern Region into three on 27 May 1967 by creating three States, namely: East Central State with headquarters at Enugu; Rivers State with headquarters at Port Harcourt; and South Eastern State with headquarters at Calabar. Three days later, on 30 May 1967, Ojukwu declared the Republic of Biafra. This was a wrong move in political calculations because the region had already been divided three days earlier. It was a master stroke by General Gowon. The Rivers State and South Eastern State had been given their own separate political identities three days before Biafra was declared. The whole Eastern Region was no longer one entity on 30 May 1967.

(6) Mr Ken Saro-Wiwa said that their rejection of Biafra and rejection of being together with the Ibos in the same region was based on their fear that the Igbo people would dominate over them. In fact, he used a phrase that the Nigerian Government had sold them to the Ibos as slaves by signing the Aburi Accord.

(7) The Igbo Intelligentsia discovered that the same fear of Igbo domination has remained with and tormented the non-Ibos in the Eastern Region. They also found that the North uses the people of the Middle Belt against the Igbo people in political and military strategies. Therefore, the Igbo Intelligentsia decided to divide the North and the South to create a balance of power in political equation. They invented two imaginary geographical cardinal points known as “South-South” and “North Central”. Those in the riverine of the Eastern Region they called South-South and those in the Middle Belt they called North-Central. Then, they separated the Fulani and the Kanuri into North West and North East.

(8) In all, the Igbo Intelligentsia created the six geopolitical regions instead of the four regions contained in the Aburi Accord. They proposed that the Presidency of Nigeria shall rotate among the six regions turn by turn. The plan is that each of the regions will have a sense of belonging in Nigeria as a self-governing region within Nigeria and may in future attain the status of an outright independent nation by the rule of law. The Biafra Independence Project is planned to be achieved in three phases: Phase 1 is the Awareness Creation Phase. The Phase 2 is the Regional Autonomy and Phase 3 is the outright independence in future.

(9) The Igbo Intelligentsia delegated Dr Alex Ekwueme, Dee Sam Mbakwe and Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu to represent us in the Abacha Constitutional Conference in 1995 and present the Igbo Master Plan. Dr Ekwueme made a wonderful presentation that got everybody captivated and convinced that the Igbo Master Plan was the best for all Nigerians. In the end, General Abacha was very impressed and approved the Igbo Master Plan. The structure of six geopolitical regions was accepted. The rotational presidency was accepted but the North said it would rotate between North and South instead of rotating among the six geopolitical regions. Their game plan is that when it comes to the turn of the south, they would support a candidate from South-South or South West but never the South East.

(10) Where do we go from here? Some are asking for Igbo Presidency while others are asking for Biafra. We are not really very keen on pushing for Igbo Presidency but for the Restructuring of Nigeria into Regional Governments in line with the Igbo Master Plan drawn in 1994. However, if they decide to give the Presidency to an Igbo man, we shall accept it but continue with our Master Plan. We have an example in the United Kingdom where Mr Gordon Brown from Scotland was made the Prime Minister of The Great Britain and Scotland still continued pushing for Independence.

(11) At the moment, we want to develop Biafraland to look like Dubai. Some people think that Dubai is a country. Some think that Taiwan is a country. Some people even think that London is a country. Most of the people agitating for Biafra do not have the correct mind-set. They are thinking about going to their Promised Land without understanding that we are already in our Promised Land. We are not like the Israelites who travelled for 40 years and fought wars for 40 years before reaching to their Promised Land. In our own case, we did not lose our Territory. We were not annihilated. We have argued in Court in the case between Biafra and Nigeria that what we lost after the war was our sovereignty and not our indigenous identity as a people.

(12) Therefore, we are Nigerians by citizenship but Biafrans by indigenous identity until we gain independence from Nigeria. We are the remnants of Biafraland that were not consumed in the war. This is why I coined our name as Indigenous People of Biafra. We want to develop our Biafran Region to become like Taiwan, London, Dubai, etc, so that the whole world will be coming to Biafraland for business and tourism. This is the Biafra Project Phase II. From Regional Autonomy we can push for outright independence in future. This is the Igbo Master Plan for the emancipation of the Igbo Nation. Everything has a process. It is a long-term plan. Patience is required.

You can visit our website at and for more information; Email:

Thank you for listening to me. God bless you.

Emeka Emekesiri, Esq.

BREAKING! Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria submits Memorandum for Devolution of Powers to Nigerian Senate

The political arm of the Biafran struggle, Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) has submitted its Memorandum on the way forward for Nigeria and the peaceful co-existence of all the ethnic nationalities that make up the country.

The document was submitted to the Nigerian Senate on the amendment of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, based on sections 2, 3, 4(2) and 162(2) and in line with the support of the international community.

Titled ‘Memorandum for the Devolution of Powers ‘, the Memorandum consist of the Legal, Political and Socio-Economic Basis, Position of the 4 Regions of the South and Middle Belt on Regional Autonomy, Issues and Prayers before the Court, and the International dimension and the British Government
Policy of 1969.

Other areas mentioned by the Memorandum include Evidence of Institutionalised Persecution of the Plaintiffs(Biafrans) in Nigeria, the Problem of Nigeria beyond Politics, the perfect solution to the Nigerian problem, Approval of Regional Government by the Igbo National Leadership, the Confessions of honest leaders from other ethnic nationalities Approval of Regional Government by all Peoples and Leaders of Southern Nigeria.

Other items in the document also include the Benefits of Devolution of Power to the Nigerians and
the International Community, Re-Engineering of the Federal Structure based on
our proposed Amendments to the 1999 Constitution.

It was signed by Barrister Emeka John Chigozie Emekesiri, a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, and also the Chairman of the Governing Council of the Customary Government of Biafra.

It concluded by observing “If the report on the bill for devolution of power has been laid before the National Assembly, what then is holding the bill from being debated?

“We are very sure that the bill shall pass by simple majority votes of the members of the National Assembly. Let somebody move the motion in the National Assembly and let the debate begin without further delay. A peaceful coexistence of all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria will bring prosperity and social mobility that is lacking.

“We propose a British Model or American model that will provide an equitable opportunity for various nations within Nigeria where each nation is allowed to grow at its own pace and more especially, where healthy competitions take place between the nations.

“It is important that the Nigerian Governments adopts this model as a means of creating stability and economic progress for the majority of Nigerians. We want to be free to govern ourselves as a people within Nigeria, grow at our own pace and contribute to national wealth, socio-political and economic development without institutionalised persecution by government with its obnoxious policies targeted at us. We request the Senate Committee on the Amendment of the 1999 Constitution to introduce the bill on Devolution of Power to the Regions as a matter of extreme urgency and save the country from imminent violent disintegration”, it stated.

Customary Government of Biafra appoints Malaysian Envoy&Administrator, plus Attaches

The Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra has appointed an Envoy and Administrator for Malaysia.

The Customary Government also announced the appointment of two attaches who will be working with the Administrator in the South East Asian country.

According to a letter dated 19th August 2020, and addressed to the Malaysian Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Hamzah Zainudin, Dr Ray Ikechukwu Jacob has been appointed to manage the affairs of the Biafran people in the country.

The letter was signed by
Barrister Emeka John Chigozie Emekesiri, Chairman of the Governing Council 
Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra.

Dr Jacob it said, is a Research Fellow, Educationist, an ordained clergyman and a former staff of the University of Malaya (UM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It also introduced Mr Uchenna Kenechukwu Delavega Anyakora, a First Class graduate of Information Technology, from the University of New Castle, Malaysia as its Director of Security and Allied Matters (attache).

Mr Tochukwu Camillus Egbosi on his part, was also appointed as the Director of Trade & Socio-Political Affairs, of the Biafran people in Malaysia.

Egbosi is also a graduate of Computer Science & Cyber Security, Lincoln University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Barrister Emeka Emekesiri explained in the letter that the appointments became necessary, as most Nigerians in Malaysia are actually Biafrans, whose affairs can be better managed by the Envoy, who can assist the Malaysian Government in managing their internal affairs.

The Letter of Introduction further read; “We are the custodians of the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra which oversees and manages the affairs of the remnants of the Biafrans who are scattered in all parts of the world on self-exile since after the war between Biafra and Nigeria in 1970. Following the collapse of the Republic of Biafra and the loss of her sovereignty, some of our people who could not endure the persecutions and humiliations we faced and still face in Nigeria went on self-exile to foreign countries.

“Others who could not escape the ordeals remained in their homeland and were granted the Nigerian citizenship and permitted to practise their Customary Law pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Thus, we are Nigerians by citizenship and subject to the Nigerian law but Biafrans by indigenous identity and practising our Customary Law under the Nigerian Legal System until we gain independence by due process of law. We are therefore a nation within a nation-state. 

“The Biafrans have migrated to all parts of the world in their great numbers. We can confirm that there is a large Biafran Community in Malaysia. Also, the Biafran Babies who were evacuated from the war and carried to various countries of the world to save them from starvation and death have now grown to large communities desiring to reconnect with their ancestral roots. 

“It is therefore with great pleasure that we introduce our Customary Government Envoy and Administrator in Malaysia”, it stated in part.

Recall that in July 2020, the Customary Government of Biafra also appointed an Envoy and Administrator for the Republic of South Africa.

Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) to pay volunteers for the Biafran Project

The Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) has resolved to provide renumerations for volunteers who will be willing to contribute their expertise to the Biafran project that its unfolding. MOBIN Chairman Barrister Emeka Emekesiri who stated this in the BIAFRA INDEPENDENCE PROJECT ACTION PLAN, listed a number of areas where volunteers are needed to contribute their expertise.

He also listed five action plans that MOBIN and the Customary Government of the Indigenous Poeple of Biafra in the Biafran Project.

He argued that Judicial, Diplomatic (national and international diplomacy), Administrative, Political and Legislative actions must be followed as a preresequite for the success of the project.

Speaking further, the barrister revealed that the struggle has achieved a high level of success, and now needs able profesionals in different fields to handle assignements as they emerge.

His words “It is necessary at this moment to constitute the work force that will drive the Biafra Project Phase 2. All the Biafran activists who believe in the legal methodology of self-determination consisting of the judicial, political and diplomatic processes are requested to get involved now. We require the following experts and areas of expertise:

  1. Competent coordinators of IPOB Customary Government Town Hall Meetings in all cities or towns
  •  Public Relations experts and lobbyists  
  • Experts in Government and Public Administration   
  • Media practitioners (audio, visual, print media, social media, bloggers, etc)
  • Cartoonists, artists, musicians, pamphleteers, etc.   
  • Human rights lawyers, experts in Law and Diplomacy, Policy and Strategies
  • IT practitioners (Information Technology)
  • Security and Intelligence experts  
  • Business development consultants, investment experts and financiers    
  1.  Dispute Resolution practitioners (lawyers, arbitrators, negotiators or mediators)

He continued “The Biafran Independence Project must now be handled professionally. We shall consider experience and pedigree of the applicants and not mere paper qualifications. If you are qualified and experienced in any of the fields, and interested in working for the IPOB Customary Government in any capacity, please send your application with your comprehensive CV by email addressed to the Chairman through the following address:; or; You can visit MOBIN at for more information on the Biafran political activities.

“As a matter of extreme urgency, we need capable and qualified leaders immediately who will coordinate the IPOB Customary Town Hall Meetings as organised by MOBIN in all cities and countries of the world. Due diligence checks shall be carried out on them and their personal details shall be sent to the Governments of the countries where they live including the Nigerian Government for their recognition. We cannot be in hiding but must engage with the governments face to face. Any person who desires to work for our Customary Government must be a man or woman of proven integrity.    

“In the meantime, we shall continue to render free services to the Biafran Struggle using our personal resources and any helps we can receive from friends and well-wishers until the re-organization of the movement is completed. Any person who is willing to help us with finances should visit our websites at or and make his or her donations.

Speaking on the legitimacy of the Project, Emekesiri expliened the very nature of the Customary Government both in national and international laws “Our Customary Government is a legitimate government which has made representations to some powerful nations of the world. Though the Customary Government is not yet sovereign, it is a recognised institution in both national and international law. It is an Institution designed to organise the Biafrans as a people seeking for independence. The IPOB Customary Government Agency is registered with the UN for international relations. I did not create Customary Law. The only thing I created was how to apply Customary Law as an existing law protected by the Nigerian Constitution to pursue the right to self-determination”, he concluded.  

PHOTONEWS: Movement Of Biafrans In Nigeria (MOBIN) gets New EXCO for Anambra and Dunukofia LGA

On Saturday, 8th August 2020, the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria relaunched its political machinery in Anambra State, in preparation for the coming governorship elections in the state.

A new executive council was inaugurated for the Dunukofia chapter, while a new Coordinator and Woman leader were also sworn in.

The photos below are from the colourful event that will defined a new political Biafra in the near future.

PHOTO CREDIT: Amaka Ani(MOBIN MEDIA Senior Correspondent)

It’s true, we have over 50 Biafrans in various political positions across Biafra region-MOBIN DG

By Ámáka Ani, Dunukofia Anambra State

The Director General of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria, Madam Rita Anigbogu has revealed that, following the successful activities of the Movement between 2017 and 2019, over 50 Biafrans are currently holding political positions and appointments, in different governments.

According to her, “Over 50 Biafrans are holding political appointments of which am one of them. All these appointments came as a result of my involvement in Anambra election 2017. We got recognition after what we did in Anambra State Election 2017 and in 2019 ”.

Mrs Anigbogu who made this declaration during an interview with MOBIN MEDIA Correspondent at the reinuguration of Dunukofia Local Government Chapter in Ukpo, Anambra State, asked all Biafrans at home and in diaspora to come out in their large numbers come 2021 Anambra State elections and participate.

In her words, “If we say we are not interested in politics our head of state, President Muhamadu Buhari can just appoint one Gen. Abubakar as Military Administrator of the state and there is nothing anyone can do about.” she said.

BREAKING: Join politics now, and take over political control of our territory, CG-IPOB Legal Adviser charges Biafrans


The Legal Adviser for the Supreme Council of Elders of the Indigenous People of Biafra, founder and chairman of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria, Barrister Emeka Emekesiri has charged Biafrans at home and in the diaspora to join Nigerian politics, and to take over political control of the Biafra Indigenous region.

Emekesiri said this in his Inaugural Speech at the Reinauguration Ceremony of Dunukofia Local Government Area on Saturday, 8th August 2020.

Addressing Biafrans while being represented by Rita Anigbogu, MOBIN DG, in the speech titled “BIAFRANS TO TAKE OVER POWER AND OCCUPY ANAMBRA STATE HOUSE IN 2021“, he said:

“The Biafrans are the people colonised and oppressed in their own land. We are oppressed by the politicians ruling over us. They are imposed upon us by our opponents to whom they render accounts as their godfathers in the Nigerian politics.

“MOBIN is facing some challenges posed by some Biafran activists who are opposed to the Nigerian law and politics. One group is still preaching that the Biafrans should boycott the elections so that the UN would conduct a referendum and declare the Biafra Independence while another is preaching that Biafrans should not participate in the Nigerian politics because the Nigerian Constitution is fraudulent. We think that they are confused.

“Although MOBIN accepts that the Nigerian Constitution is fraudulent, we know the rule of law that every law or order of the Court remains valid until repealed or set aside. The fraudulent Nigerian Constitution remains valid until set aside. If we boycott the election, President Buhari can exercise his powers of emergency rule under the same fraudulent Constitution and impose a Military Administrator on Anambra State. We must not allow any part of Biafraland to be put under the Military Rule.

“The challenges have made MOBIN to increase the tempo of its works in both national and international arena. We have established the MOBIN MEDIA and set up online broadcasts every week to disseminate information and create political awareness. There is much work to be done. We have come today to empower the Dunukofia Chapter of MOBIN with knowledge and political wisdom to install a Biafran activist as the Governor of Anambra State in 2021. We shall strengthen the MOBIN structures in all the 21 Local Government Areas of Anambra State starting with Dunukofia and ensure that a Biafran takes over the State House in 2021.

“As far as the Biafran Independence is concerned, the eyes of the world are now upon MOBIN because they know that politics is the answer. MOBIN believes that the Biafrans must secure and control their political territory first and have the balance of power to negotiate with the Federal Government of Nigeria. Some call it Restructuring but we call it Devolution of Power to the Regions. Under the Nigerian law, the members of the Parliament represent their people and whatever they pass into law becomes binding.

“MOBIN wants to start by creating Biafra within Nigeria just like Scotland within Britain. This is the next stage before outright independence. It is our Regional Parliament that will pass the Bill of Referendum into law for the Biafrans to vote and decide whether they want outright independence or to remain as a self-governing region in Nigeria. Our roadmap is very clear and not false propaganda!”, Emekesiri affirmed.

New Dunukofia MOBIN executive emerge. See list of members

By Amaka Ani, Dunukofia Anambra State

The new executive council of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN), Dunukofia chapter has been constituted.

Members who were sworn into office include- Ezekiel Okafor M. (Coordinator), Fred Nwude(Deputy Coordinator), Prince Justice Eze C.G IPOB (Chairman), Mrs Peace Udeozo (Woman Leader).

Others include Mrs. Grace Emekwisie (Financial Secretary), Mr Chukwuemeka Ibe (Youth Leader), Mr. Augustine Okafor (Organizer), Mr. Donatus N. Okafor(Security coordinator), Mr. Emeka Okafor (Secretary), Sir Amadu Ahijo (Ex Officio), Obed Okoye (Ex Officio), Dr. Micheal Ekweani (Adviser), Mr.Ephraim Nwoye (Adviser), Sir Joseph Nwa-Amulu-Nanma (Adviser), Mr. Ikechukwu Ojeana (Adviser), Mr Ernest Okafor-Eto, and Mrs Ezeokoye Celestina.

Dunukofia becomes first chapter of MOBIN to be reinaugurated for Anambra Elections 2021

By Amaka Ani, Dunukofia Anambra State

The Dunukofia Local Government Area chapter of MOBIN played host to the Directors of the organisation on Saturday, 8th August, when the chapter was reinaugurated for political activities.

With this, Dunukofia becomes the first chapter to receive the Directors, who were led by Comrade Rita Anigbogu, the MOBIN Director General.

Speaking at the ceremony, which saw the local government chapter executive being sworn in, the chairman of MOBIN, Barr Emeka Emekesiri noted that although the struggle for Biafra freedom has been on, Biafrans have always taken a wrong approach to it, hence the reason their goals have always seemed evasive. He said MOBIN has come to chart the way forward, via politics.

He spoke through Comrade Anigbogu, who represented him:

Hear him “The Biafran struggle for self-determination started many years ago but the pioneers made some mistakes when they said that they were not Nigerians and would not participate in the Nigerian law, politics, and census. They did not understand the difference between nationality or citizenship and indigenous identity of the people living in the country. Thus, in 2006, the pioneers of the struggle stopped the Biafrans from being enumerated in the national census which resulted in the South East region becoming the minority region in the Nigerian demographic record today.

“It was observed that the pioneers were often in confrontation with the Nigerian Authorities, the police and the army, leading to loss of many lives. While the Biafran agitators were vehemently opposed to participation in the Nigerian politics and abhorred everything called “Nigerian”, the Nigerian Authorities also vehemently opposed and abhorred everything called “Biafran” as though it was a crime to be called a Biafran. Obviously, both sides were in error. They lacked knowledge that a person does not lose his indigenous identity by becoming a citizen of the sovereign country where he lives.

“We have noted that although many Biafrans are well educated in arts, science and technology, many still lack political education and awareness. MOBIN has come to open the eyes of the political illiterates in our land who are deceived by false propagandists and charlatans running Biafra Business empires for their selfish aggrandisements. We have come to bring peace and stability in the society. We have come to educate the masses, both Biafrans and Nigerians. The Biafrans are Nigerians by citizenship until they gain independence from Nigeria just as the Scottish people are British by citizenship but now struggling for independence from Britain. Therefore, we have the right to participate in the Nigerian affairs as Nigerian citizens.

“The vision and mission of MOBIN are very clear. MOBIN is leading the Biafrans to self-determination by the rule of law and political diplomacy starting with REGIONAL AUTONOMY. We want the country to be restructured into Regional Governments so that every region will govern itself and develop at its own pace, control its resources, provide security to its territory and pay an agreed percentage tax to the Federal Government”, the Barrister elucidated in the speech.

ANAMBRA GUBER 2021:MOBIN appoints new Coordinator, Woman Leader for Anambra

By AAmaka Ani, Dunukofia Anambra State

The Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN), Anambra State Chapter has appointed a new Coordinator.

The new coordinator, Chinweze Amuche Kelvin, was appointed on Saturday, 8th August 2020, during the reinauguration of the Dunukofia Local Government chapter of the state. He succeeds Comrade Gerald Ezeji.

With Mr Chinweze, Anambra State Chapter of MOBIN has had four coordinators, beginning with Mr Chidiebere Ubah. Ubah was succeeded by Dr Ifeanyi Innocent Okonkwo, before Ezeji.

He is expected to coordinate Anambra Biafrans and organise them for the coming Anambra State governorship elections.

A new Woman Leader was also elected for the state at the event, where both of them were sworn in to serve the organisation. The Woman Leader is Eze nwanyị Chinelo Gloria Emesiana. Ezenwanyi Emesiana is a core women mobilizer who will be working with the new coordinator to organise the Anambra State chapters.

Speaking at the swearing in ceremony, the Director of Biafran National Orientation, Comrade Zulu Ofoelue, who was represented by the Director of Youth and Sports, Comrade Chukwudi Anachuna, charged them to be of good conduct, and ensure that members and other executive members are carried along in the discharge of their duties.

Hear him, “I want to urge you all to put all your efforts in this work of achieving Biafra in Nigeria because in no distant time, our dreams will manifest as reality”.

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