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The Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria MOBIN has watched with growing concern the gradual but deliberate move by security agencies, especially the Nigeria Army to intimidate and cow our people into submission.

The recent deployment of dangerous weapons of warfare, brutality and death, as well as announcement of the army that it has entered the South East to carry out what they termed Operation Python Dance 2 is a clear act of arrogance of the army against a people it swore to protect, the citizens of Nigeria. Warfare is carried out by a nation’s army outside its territories. Nigeria on the other hand, is poised to wage war against her own citizens.

The government wants to prove to South Eatsterners, Ndigbo, and indeed Biafrans that they are a conquered people, right under their control and command.

The culmination of these blatant show of power had reared its ugly head last week and yesterday, when the Army tried to show the people of the ever peaceful Umuahia, Abia State capital that they have no right to move as free citizens.

While the incident of last week was an attack on the freedom of movement against our people, yesterday’s move, which Nnamdi Kanu was quoted to have said was aimed at arresting him by the Army, was a clear attempt to gag the voice of Biafrans against marginalization.

MOBIN by this statement is calling on security agencies to leave Ndigbo and all Biafrans alone. It’s on record that our people are the most peaceful agitators in this country and have continually indicated that civil disobedience can be achieved without use of arms.

The Army had claimed they will begin their Operation Python Dance on September 15. What then are they doing in Afaraukwu Ibeku on the 10th, five days before the day they are supposed to begin? Something surely is very fishy here. What is the essence of the show of force the army is threatening our people with?

This infiltration of our cities, towns and villages with soldiers and weapons of death is unnecessary, and a flagrant abuse of our rights and sensibilities as a free people, and should be removed with immediate effect.

The Federal Government of Nigeria and her security are well aware of the incessant killing of Biafrans in the South East and South south by Fulani cattle rearers. They are aware of the continual death threats against our people in different northern states, some of which have been carried out in the past. They are also aware of the war being waged against the country by Boko Haram in the north.

We at MOBIN believe that it’s those who threaten the integrity of the country that should be targeted by the army, not men and women of peace and goodwill, which Biafrans are.

The attempt to arrest Nnamdi Kanu, and the recent shooting three of our people to aggravate them is a continuation of the unprovoked war against Ndi Igbo, which culminated in the killing of over 3000 youths in Onitsha, Asaba, Port Harcourt and Aba two years ago.

Be aware that it’s a similar kind of provocation, which led to the killing of Mohammed Yusuf that aggravated into what is now known as Boko Haram, which has killed over 2.3 million people and sacked over ten thousand people from their homes. This is a monster that could have been avoided in North East of Nigeria. The deaths of soldiers and innocent citizens who continually get killed by Boko Haram could have been avoided if some overzealous security agencies hadn’t decided to take laws into their hands.

The Nigerian state should leave our people alone. The Army should leave our territory. We are an aggrieved people and our agitations should be addressed. The great mistake you are making against the Nigerians state is to ignore us and our agitations.

Instead of listening to proffer a solution, you are there trying to intimidate us. Be aware that the whole world is watching. The United Nations, African Union, ECOWAS, European Union, all are watching and taking notes of the second attempt by the army to annihilate our people.

Leave us alone, and allow us forge on to Biafra, since you gave refused to allow Nigeria grow!


Rita Eberechukwu Anigbogu,

Director General, MOBIN.

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The Director General of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN), Nwada Eberechukwu Anigbogu has said that Biafrans are going to choose their leaders in the 2019 General Elections.

The group’s position, articulated by the female leader was contained in a press release signed by the its Director of Media and Mobilization, ThankGod Ofoelue, and made available to journalists in Enugu.

Anigbogu, who is the leader of foremost pro-political Biafran group also revealed that MOBIN has a template for the coming polls which will be unveiled in the near future.

The activist stated: “The continued deterioration of Nigeria’s economic front, human rights records and ratings in the comity of nations is a testament to the fact that there is a serious problem with its leaders”.

“A great majority of the rulers of Nigeria today were not chosen by the Nigerian people but were imposed on them”.


“Same goes for Biafrans. Here in Biafraland, our rulers were handpicked and imposed on us by the powers-that-be. Since 2017, we have continued to canvass for political participation of Biafrans to select popular candidates who will ensure that the welfare of our people are guaranteed”.

“I want to use this opportunity to call on our citizens wherever they are to secure the future of their children by getting a voters card. No matter how difficult the process may be, you must deny yourselves your usual pleasures and ensure that you secure that PVC. We all must decide the future if Biafrans together. Stop leaving it in the hands of your oppressors”.

“We will roll out our programmes in no distant time to ensure that Biafrans are never again oppressed”, the release stated.

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Movement of Biafra in Nigeria(MOBIN) lists achievements 3 years after establishments.

Speaking with Mobin Media on the telephone earlier today, the Director of Biafran National Orientation, Comrade Zulu Ofoelue said its heartwarming that in just three years after it was founded, numerous Biafrans now hold political offices, with the Mobilization, Orientation and Political Activities that MOBIN preaches and practices. He said these do not include the thousands who are now politically conscious, and are ready to participate.

Ofoelue, who said that MOBIN began its outing in the 2017 Anambra Governorship elections, argued that despite the setbacks recorded in the polls, MOBIN has much to celebrate.

His words “We are proud of the successful outing of MOBIN in 2017 in Anambra, and the 2019 general elections under the chairmanship of Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, and of course, led by our Director General, Comrade Rita Anigbogu.

“In Anambra, 12 Pro-Biafrans contested for governorship.

Shortly after in 2018, we went into massive mobilization and political education. The result is that a pro-Biafran emerged the state chairman of a political party, over 20 Pro-Biafrans currently hold executive positions in diverse political parties across Biafraland, and 3 Pro-Biafrans were fielded by their parties to run for Senate.

Continuing, he said “while five of us contested for House of Representatives, 24 others also ran for House of Assembly in the 2019 General elections. From our records, about 38 ran for local government chairmanship in various states, and I am proud to inform you that we currently have 11 men and women holding local government chairmanship positions in the Biafran states. We also have 11 of our candidates who ran for councillorship currently serving as political office holders in their various wards across our land.

“I am also very proud to inform you that in Abia, Anambra, Delta, Enugu, Rivers and Ebonyi States, Pro-Biafrans have been appointed by their governors, local government Chairmen and even councillors to be part of the government. We also have our members as board members of some agencies in some Biafra states.

“For an organisation that only just came to life three years ago, this is indeed a huge feat. As the elections approach once again, MOBIN is very busy strategising to see more Biafrans holding political offices. It doesn’t matter what party you run under. The important thing is to take over our territory politically”, the Director affirmed.

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MOBIN says its set to launch Biafran Government in Nigeria

Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN) is set to begin Biafran government in the Republic of Nigeria. This information is coming from the Chairman of the organisation, Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, who spoke with our Correspondent in a telephone interview.

Speaking from his London base, the human rights lawyer said that, as a matter of fact, there is already an existing Government of Biafra in Nigeria and that what they are about to do is elect Biafrans into power and take it to the next level.

Hear him “We are currently running a Customary Government known as the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra. The Customary Government is powered by MOBIN which organises the Biafrans in their Town Hall Meetings. We believe in the use of legal methodology consisting of the judicial process, political process and diplomatic process to achieve self-determination. We are legitimate. We are under the control of our Elders. We are not proscribed. We are operating by the rule of law. The organisation proscribed by the Nigerian Government is the faction of IPOB run by Nnamdi Kanu. The Nigerian Government did not proscribe the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra because the Customary Government is lawful just as the Sharia Government is lawful.

“If you look closely to the name of our political movement, MOVEMENT OF BIAFRANS IN NIGERIA, you will notice that we describe ourselves as Biafrans in Nigeria. In other words, we are Biafrans living in Nigeria. We are Biafrans by indigenous identity and Nigerians by citizenship just like the Scots are Scottish by indigenous identity and British by citizenship. By the International Law promulgated by the United Nations in 2007 known as the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, we have the right to maintain our indigenous identity within the country where we are citizens.

He further stated “The aims and objectives of MOBIN are simple and clear. MOBIN is the political arm of the Biafran Struggle. All the Indigenous People of Biafra who believe in politics and diplomacy are constituted into the body called MOBIN.

“MOBIN wants all the Biafrans to participate in politics and install hardcore Biafran activists in power to control our territory. We have noted that most often the political leaders imposed on us are not our candidates. They are the stooges and agents of the northern and western political godfathers who do not act in our best interest. They are rigged into power by our political opponents.

“We are now giving political education to the Biafran masses that have been deceived and misled. Their leaders told them not to participate in politics and census because they are Biafrans and not Nigerians. They still us the Nigerian Passports and Driving Licenses. Just imagine their foolishness! MOBIN has come to correct these mistakes and impart political education to the Biafran activists. Unless Nigeria disintegrates tomorrow by an act of God, we shall participate in politics and census. We shall politick in the interest of Biafra and take control of our Territory by political power”, he stated.

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Pro-Biafrans launch MOBIN political movement, adopt UPP as national party

Leaders of pro-Biafran organizations across the world met over the weekend to adopt the United Progressive Party(UPP) as Biafra’s national party in Nigeria.

The groups in its meeting in Enugu, where they were hosted by the leadership of the UPP, led by its national chairman, Chief Chekwas Okorie, vowed to take over the leadership of the old Biafran region, starting with Anambra.

It also announced the formation of its political movement in Nigeria, the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria(MOBIN). “Since Nigeria has resolved to deny us the right to self-determination, we have also resolved that they can no more continue to decide who runs our ancestral nation of Biafra. Today, we resolve to take over our territory through political means. We are calling on pro-Biafrans today to join us and run for political positions. It’s our home and we shall win. Never again shall security forces kill our children in our homes because a stooge of the Nigerian state is the governor. Never again shall our people be subject to underdevelopment and lack of jobs and remain helpless. We shall vote in our own politicians and hold them responsible for quality governance in our land”, said Rita Anigboogu, the Coordinator-General of MOBIN in an interview with The AUTHORITY.

Chekwas Okorie, chairman of the UPP told newsmen that the relationship between his party and MOBIN, which is the mobilization group of pro-Biafran activists, has been fully cemented “This is the only political party, of all the parties registered under the Nigerian law that has a manifesto, a political ideology expressly expressed in its document registered with INEC that is a social contract with the Nigerian people. The party has made as its cardinal programme self determination of the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria through federalism, resource control, devolution of power. That also includes state police, community policing, referendum at any given time, that any section may wish to express its willingness to remain of exit from Nigeria. The government of UPP will build into the Nigerian constitution the provision for referendum, that is an exit clause as it is today in the constitution of Ethiopia. That has made Ethiopia more stable today than it was years ago when they were fighting each other. UPP is the only political party that has taken a decision to appropriate all the 660 recommendations of the 2014 national conference, all reached by national consensus, not by anyone side neglecting the other. 

UPP has a programme, it is like an expo that cannot be copied by any other party. It’s a UPP brand, and that brand is self determination of any nationalities inclusive of the fact of all those who may have been arrested, detained or even sentenced to prison terms. Only on account of their political beliefs will be granted freedom with compensation, if UPP takes the government of Nigeria in 2019”.

London-based Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, solicitor for the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) told our corespondent “today is actually the day we came to cement the relationship between the UPP and MOBIN, in which case MOBIN has become the mobilization agency for UPP, so the programme is that MOBIN will mobilize the entire old Eastern region and parts of the North Central and make them to vote Biafran candidates into power. Our mission is clear-we want Biafrans to take charge of the whole political space of Biafraland. MOBIN is now officially the mobilization agency for UPP. We have adopted UPP as the national party for all Biafrans. We will mobilize our pro Biafran groups across the world to move into the UPP, and begin to prepare to take over the whole Biafra nation”.

Also speaking on the matter, Engineer Anthony Aniebue, Administrator of the Customary Government of the IPOB told The AUTHORITY “We cemented our relationship of working together with the UPP, in making sure that we enthrone Biafranism in all Biafraland, that we take over Biafran political environment through political process, that from the Biafran angle we have what we call the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria. We are Biafrans by indigenous identity, but we are still Nigerians struggling for our freedom. Between now and the shortest possible time when we hope to restore Biafran nation and country, we are still Nigerian. Within that time, we want to make sure that we have Biafran people representing Biafra, Biafrans in thoughts, Biafrans in action, Biafrans in deed. What we have come here to do is to have a working relationship with United Progressive Party, a party that has identified itself with the Biafran project-of self determination, of emancipation and the freedom o pf Biafran people living in Nigeria. That political platform which we have endorsed today, with which we have a working relationship is the UPP. From now henceforth, what we want to project are all Biafrans that want to pursue their political ambitions. We want to offer them MOBIN, we want to offer them UPP, and upon UPP, we will take over Biafraland politically”.

He continued “We know that, as people agitate for freedom, in whichever way you try to actualize it, that even if you are in the forest fighting a war, or leading a violent campaign, that act certain points time, there must be a round table discussion. That roundtable is what we call political solution. That political solution is what we are embarking on today, and we want to use it to stop the slaughtering of our fellow Biafrans on the streets. From the time of cessation of hostilities in 1970 till date, Biafra has lost not less than 3 to 4 million Biafrans that the Nigerian people have killed. It cannot happen if the Biafrans are in charge of our governance”.

“What we are doing today is to take over our governance, take over the political administration of Biafraland, so that our children can no longer be killed. Where a givernor comes out and says he is the Chief Security Officer, yet he is in the office while his citizens are slaughtered, and he will say nothing. Is he really a CSO of that state? So what we are doing is to ensure that henceforth, no one is killed on the streets of Biafra anymore”, he stated.

Zulu Ofoelue, civil society activist and education present at the meeting also spoke “It’s a great improvement. For a long time we have been agitating for something that is purely political, we need power, be on our own, establish our own state, but we have had no political platform. We have no platform through which we can democratically determine our future in Nigeria. Holding this meeting where agreements are drawn to that end is a great step, and I see a very great future for us”.

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